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Boy Saved His Family When He Acted Quickly After Gunmen Threatened His Parents

He grabbed his six-year-old sister and a phone then ran to hide in the bathroom



A seven year old boy’s immeasurable bravery in a time of utter horror saved his life and the lives of his whole family one night. Little Carlos from Norwalk, California, was terrified when three gunmen burst through an unlocked door in his house and began threatening his parents.

However, unlike most of us had we been in that situation, instead of Carlos panicking the quick-witted boy, who’d previously practiced emergency scenarios with his mom, grabbed his six-year-old sister and a phone, then ran to hide in the bathroom, where he called 911.

“There’s some guys,” he told the 911 operator. “They’re going to kill my mom and dad, can you come please. … Can you come really fast? PLEASE, PLEASE.”

Los Angeles County sheriff’s dispatcher Monique Patino has gotten her fair share of emergency calls, but she revealed that this one in particular absolutely terrified her. She said, “Every call is different but this one was the most horrific for me. I got really shooken up.”

Carlos pleaded with Patino to “bring cops … lots of them,” adding that she should “bring soldiers too!” After reassuring the boy that police were on their way, Patino’s heart dropped as she heard the intruders breaking down the bathroom door.

She recalled, “Once I heard the screams, I’m holding the phone and shaking, in tears. All I can hear is them screaming.”

The men demanded to know who the little boy was speaking to, to which he bravely answered, “9-1-1.” Amazingly, the three gunmen immediately fled the house, leaving no one hurt or having stolen anything. Now Carlos is being hailed a hero, and rightfully so!

“What the boy did is just remarkable,” said Lt. Al Reyes of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Norwalk Station. Get to learn more about how Carlos saved his mom, dad, and sister in the video below.

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