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Father Hugs Man Who Murdered His Son. What He Says Next Leaves Judge In Tears.



24 year old Trey Relford was sentenced to 31 years in prison last week in connection to the April 19, 2015 murder of Salahuddin Jitmoud, who was stabbed to death and robbed while delivering pizza in Lexington, Kentucky.

During the sentencing hearing last week,  Jitmoud’s father, Dr. Abdul-Munim Sombat Jitmoud remembered his son as a gentle, generous, and shy young man who had an interest in rapping, writing and producing. Dr. Jitmoud said that his son had just ‘one more delivery’ to make the night he was murdered, making his death all the more tragic.

At the end of his speech, he shocked the court when he turned to his son’s killer and said he doesn’t blame him for what happened. “I’m angry at the devil who misguided you to do such a crime,” he said.  Dr. Jitmoud added that it was important to forgive him because ‘forgiveness is the greatest gift of charity in Islam’.

Relford himself apologized for what happened, “I’m sorry about what happened that day,” Relford said. “I do applaud you because it takes a powerful man to know that someone has hurt them and to get up there and say what you just said. I can’t imagine the hurt, the pain. There’s nothing I can do … I thank you for your forgiveness.” Later, Dr. Jitmoud went to shake Relford’s hand, and the two ended up locked in an embrace, with other members of the two families coming around to join in.

Two others were originally arrested along with Relford for the murder, but a grand jury only decided to go forward with charges against one of them. Relford maintains that he had help, but prosecutor Kathy Phillips said that all the signs point to Relford being the killed.

“He set up the robbery, he provided the knife, he tampered with the evidence, and he is the one who ate the pizza afterwards,” she said.  Relford pleaded guilty last month to complicity to murder, complicity to robbery and attempted tampering with evidence.

Video: Washington Post

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