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Fedex Driver Shovels Snow Off Woman’s Porch When He Learns Her Husband Recently Died



Leigh Anne’s husband had just passed away after fighting cancer for seven months at the age of 42. This left her with three young children to raise on her own as a single mother and widow.

In the middle of winter, after a pretty nasty snowstorm, the cold had deflated her tyres. Leigh Anne tried putting air back in her tires but found it too hard to remove the cap on her tyres, meaning she could not be able to refill them. Luckily she noticed Brian making a nearby call.

Brian is a friendly local delivery driver with FedEx who she had seen around her neighborhood and had even delivered a few packages to Leigh Anne a couple of times before.

Brian was happy and kind enough to help out with her tyres. As the two were chatting, Brian got to learn of Leigh Anne’s heartbroken state and her husband’s recent death.

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Brian knew he had to do something to help her out. There was enough pain and stress in her life already, and there was just a small something he could do to make things a little better for her.

After helping Leigh Anne fix her car tyres and helping her back into her house, the FedEx driver quickly grabbed a shovel and got to work. He had noticed all the snow covering her porch and decided to help.

The doorbell camera captured Brian’s act of kindness, as he shovelled the snow off Leigh Anne’s porch and pathway to help her out. “Doorbell cameras don’t only catch people stealing packages,” Leigh Anne wrote on Facebook.

Brian’s kindness and thoughtfulness melted the hearts of thousands who saw the footage after it was shared on social media. God bless this man.