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Garth Brooks Reveals Gender Of Fans’ Baby and Offers To Pay For Baby’s College During Concert.



“The last 30 seconds of this moment changed our life. We have both been Garth Brooks fans since we were little and are still in shock that this happened. The back story starts about a month prior to the concert. We had scheduled our ultrasound for, what turned out to be, the day before the concert.

When we figured that out a few days later, Katy mentioned the idea of making a sign, thinking about how cool it would be if Garth revealed our baby gender. We knew it was a slim chance but worth a shot. Prior to making the sign, I was the one who was skeptical. After, Katy made the sign and we were inside the venue, Katy started to say, ‘it’s never going to happen, let’s just open it.’

We didn’t even expect him to reveal our baby’s gender, so for him to make an offer to pay for our child’s college, unprompted, was a complete shock and we could not be more grateful! Like I said before, we were just happy that he was even willing to include us for the gender reveal.

We would just like to thank Garth and Trisha for their overwhelming generosity and let them know that we appreciate Garth allowing us to be a part of something so special and including it in one of his shows.”


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