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Girl With Muscular Dystrophy Makes Amazing Paintings Despite Being Bedridden.



Kate, a young girl from Russia, makes paintings so beautiful we bet they will leave you stunned! But its her strong-will and brevity that will melt your heart to the core. You see, Kate suffers  from muscular dystrophy, a group of diseases that cause progressive weakness and the loss of muscle mass.

Muscular dystrophy occurs because abnormal genes (mutations) interfere with the production of proteins, vital to forming healthy muscle. The symptoms started she was just three months old. The rare condition has left Kate confined to bed, with no ability to walk or even raise her hands.

Despite her heartbreaking condition that having no cure, Kate never once lost hope. She began creating some of the most amazing paintings to help her cope and nourish her creative spirit.

According to reports from Europe Press, Kate’s  mother “has requested through her Facebook page help in the form of donations so that Kate can be able to get special treatment and a corset that will help her stand upright and sit in her electric wheelchair so she can move around.”

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Muscular dystrophy has many different forms and usually begins in early childhood. Early symptoms of the disease include progressive muscle weakness, poor balance, progressive inability to walk, and respiratory difficulties in some instances.

Anyone who would like to support Kate’s treatment and provide assistance so she can buy the body corset she needs can visit her Facebook page.

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