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Grandma Looks at Daughter’s Sonogram, She is Shocked To See What the Baby is Doing!



Jimmy Kimmel is the host and executive producer of Jimmy Kimmel Live, a popular late night TV show on ABC. He is well known for his viral and hilarious skits but in this particular prank, everything is even the more hilarious as he was tricking his aunt who had never seen a sonogram before.

Kimmel’s cousin Micki works on his show and was, until recently, extremely pregnant. Micki’s mom is Kimmel’s Aunt Chippy, a woman Kimmel describes as about as sweet as ‘a shot glass full of gasoline’. Aunt Chippy has never experienced a sonogram before, so to have a little fun with it, Kimmel decided to stage a fake sonogram appointment at a real women’s health clinic with the help of his cousin. The results were pretty spectacular.

The clinic in question was Van Nuys Women’s Care. The staff agreed to let Kimmel and his crew set up some cameras and recording equipment while Micki and Aunt Chippy waited to see a doctor. As the scan began, Kimmel’s graphics department truly has a field day with the sonogram footage. Here is the absolutely hilarious footage:

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