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Heartbreaking Moment an Army Widow Met Her Husband’s Coffin at the Airport.



While Lisa West Williams waited to exit her plane at Raleigh-Durham International Airport, she and her fellow passengers watched a group of soldiers remove a coffin containing the body of Green Beret Shawn Thomas from their aircraft’s luggage compartment.

Lisa captured the bittersweet moment Shawn’s wife approached his flag-covered coffin on the tarmac in the now-viral Facebook video below. “It was an honor to fly home with this patriot!” Lisa wrote in the video’s caption. “God bless his wife and family. There was not a dry eye around me.”

Shawn died in a vehicle accident while serving in Niger, Africa, on Feb. 2, according to his obituary. The 35 year old father was an Echo in the Special Forces on his eighth deployment. He leaves behind his wife Tara and four children in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Shawn’s obituary read, “Under his big beard, tattoos, and giant muscles there was a small town Oklahoma boy that was grounded by his faith, strong values, and family.

He will be missed by everyone that had the opportunity to meet him.” Lisa received permission to post the video online from Tara, who thanked her and encouraged her to share it with everyone.

Lisa said, “Tara wanted people to realize that this goes on every day.There are many men and women that come home in a casket and they’ve made the ultimate sacrifice for us.”

source: WOMAN’S DAY

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