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Heartbreaking Video Shows Horse Appearing to CRY at His Owner’s Funeral in Brazil!



In a heartbreaking video that is fast going viral,footage shows the moment a distressed horse appeared to cry at his owner’s funeral. Grieving friends and family of 34 year old Wagner de Lima Figueiredo were shocked when his horse, Sereno, laid its head on the coffin and whined and sighed as if mourning too. The saddening footage further shows the horse stamping his feet, whinnying loudly and shaking his head up and down as a pall-bearer reads the eulogy. The visibly troubled horse was taken to the funeral by Wagner’s brother, Wando de Lima, on on Tuesday in Paraiba, Brazil.

Wagner died in a tragic motorcycle accident on New Year’s Day after losing control of his bike while riding along a beach front in the city. The semi-professional cowboy performed in rodeo shows for eight years with Sereno, winning dozens of tournaments and cash prizes. He also worked as a local authority clerk.

Friends and family of the late also revealed that Wagner and his horse had been very close. De Lima said, “This horse was everything to Wagner, it was as if the horse knew what was happening and wanted to say goodbye. ‘All the way to the cemetery he was whimpering and stomping on the ground.’

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