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Hero Cop Subdues Knife Attacker with a Hug



Hero Cop Subdues Knife Attacker with a Hug

Police officers often subdue potential attackers through quick-thinking moves, handcuffs, tasers and at times even gun shots. But one Thai cop has gone viral after he used kindness to rapidly deescalate a dangerous situation involving a distressed knifeman.

In the viral video, the knifeman enters the police station with a knife on his hand. A police officer, identified as Officer Anirut Malee, emerged from his cubicle and can be seen reasoning with the man.

Mr Malee then takes the weapon from the 45-year-old before unexpectedly opens his arms in an invitation to hug.

The apparently bewildered knifeman stands rigid as Mr Malee’s arms enfold him. The officer can be seen smiling as he holds the knifeman, before gently directing him to sit on an adjacent chair. All he really needed was a hug and some reassurance that everything was going to be okay.

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