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Hero Dog Risks Life To Save 7 Year Old From Venomous Rattesnake.



Haus, a two year old German Shepherd, was out  in the backyard of his home in Tampa, Florida with his 7 year old kid owner Molly DeLuca and her grandmother, when suddenly Haus jumped in front of Molly and her grandma. Molly and her grandmother were left dazed and confused at Haus’ random move, but almost immediately noticed the amount of danger they had just been saved from! Still in front of them, Haus stood protectively still keeping them from harm’s way even though he had been hurt, and near him a Diamondback rattlesnake—the biggest venomous snake in the Americas slithered away.

Donya DeLuca, Molly’s mom, rushed  Haus to the vet, where the family was given the news that Haus had been bitten three times by the Diamondback rattlesnake.

Haus had reacted on instinct and jumped in front of his owners to protect them from a snake that could’ve led to their death, and ended up having so much venom in his system he could’ve died within hours.

Haus survived because they had him on a steady drip of antivenin—an “unorthodox method,” but they had no choice because of the amount of poison in his system.

Fortunately, Haus was okay, and Molly was glad to see that her best friend would go home with them eventually. While he still  had a long road to recovery, the family was glad  he pulled through the worst part.

The family was helped by their GoFundMe page where thousands of people aided them, raising over $47,000 for his vet bills! If you want to hear the story of the brave German Shepherd yourself, here’s the video.