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Homeless Man Asks Police Officer To Take A Shower, Instead They Offer Him A Complete Makeover!



Homeless people go through so many challenges that we cannot possibly wholly understand. From having to brave harsh weather conditions and having nothing to having a difficult time doing their hygiene.  Recently, a homeless man named Bobby was walking the streets of New York when he was approached by a police officer named Aaron Page.  Bobby had been living rough for a while. His hair and beard were bushy and matted.

His clothes were filthy, and so was he. The man was in dire need of a haircut and a hot shower. So when officer Aaron Page stopped to talk to him, he had just one special request to the agent: the beggar wanted to bathe.

However, instead of just a bath, the officer resolved to make a complete metamorphosis. The officer asked the man to come to the police station the next day. Bobby did, and was greeted by Page and several colleagues, who picked up scissors, a razor and a hair clipper to coif Bobby back into shape.

They then gave him a place to clean up and even got a new pair of red sneakers and a bag of clean, donated clothes. Bobby was left completely unrecognizable!

“Giving back and providing a helping hand” is what the officers had in mind, according to the department. “Through Officer Page, we were able to make that happen,” the department said of its clean-up efforts. Bobby left looking like a whole new person and couldn’t thank us enough.”

It is so heartwarming to see how the police officers decided to do something that was not their responsibility, and completely out of kindness and in the spirit of  humanity to help someone who needed a little rescue. See the transformation in the video below.