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How This Man Spent 3 Years Proposing to His Girlfriend Before She Noticed.



Just one week after Candice Catherine started dating her now husband, Timothy, he began sending her love letters. Sweet right? But wait, there’s more. Forget getting down on one knee, this could be the sweetest proposal story ever.

Each of the 14 notes Candice received started with a capital letter, and, although she didn’t realize at the time, when those letters were all placed next to each other they spelled ‘Will you marry me?’

But it was three years before the 25 year old would uncover the hidden message in the notes, after Timothy took her on a surprise vacation and finally revealed the code in the love letters.

“I woke up on the morning of December 16, 2015, with a letter next to me instructing me to get dressed and to only come out when I’m fully ready,” Candice told Daily Mail. “As soon as I opened the door, I found rose petals and candles everywhere — my heart skipped a beat and I knew it was coming.” Candice explained that Timothy then spread out all the letters he had written on the table.

“We read them out one by one reliving the memories of our dating years. After we read all of them he then carefully arranged the letters and asked me to look at them,” she continued. When she finally noticed the secret message, Candice said, she burst into tears.


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