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How to Get Rid of Stubborn Eye Bags with Essential Oil and Aloe Vera.


Most people have pretty much a simple evening routine for the face, which includes washing away the dirt accumulated during the day and then applying a facial moisturizer or baggy eye solution. In the morning, it`s the time for a morning eye solution, particularly for those who are looking for a way to remove the bags under the eyes.

Stubborn eye bags are very common problem that comes with age, which makes it one of the most common complaints among those who no longer feel as young as they once did. What happens within and what causes the lids to appear puffy is the fact that the normal fat that supports the eyes moves into the lower eyelids. In addition, fluid may build up in the area surrounding the eyes, which adds to this swelling.

Preparing this homemade morning eye solution is an ideal way to get rid of the stubborn eye bags. The recipe and its effectiveness are attributed to the four ingredients that make it up. The key ingredients are witch hazel, a plant extract that reduces inflammation, swelling, and cellular damage.

Take a small jar and mix the witch hazel with two essential oils that promote healthy skin, lavender oil and chamomile oil, in addition to aloe-vera, which is packed with anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

In the morning, apply a small amount of the mixture around the eyes and let it work as long as you can.  Remove it with a homemade facial wash, and apply a moisturizer afterwards.

Homemade Morning Eye Solution with Witch Hazel

Total Time: 10 minutes

Serves: 20 uses


  • ½ oz. witch hazel extract
  • 10 drops lavender essential oil
  • 10 drops chamomile essential oil
  • ½ oz. pure Aloe Vera gel


  • Mix all the ingredients in a small glass jar with a lid
  • Blend everything until fully combined
  • Right upon waking, apply a small amount around the eyes
  • Let it work as long as possible
  • Remove the solution using a facial wash
  • Apply a moisturizer, preferably natural one

Since prevention is always better than the cure, it is recommended to do your best to prevent the eye bags from occurring in the first place.

13 Ways to Help Prevent Bags Under The Eyes

1. Take Care of Your Allergies

Try natural remedies like essential oils for allergies in order to manage them before they start.

2. Take It Easy On the Salt

Avoid some soups, pizza, and heavily processed foods. Go for fresh veggies like celery to reduce salty cravings.

3. Exercise Those Bags Away

Do yoga for the face which involves exercises that tone and tighten the facial muscles.

4. What Is Your Sleep Position?

Sleep on the back to prevent gravity from causing fluid accumulation around the eyes.

5. Try a Neti Pot

This trick helps remove extra moisture in the sinuses from infections, colds, and seasonal allergies.

6. Remove Your Makeup Before Going to Bed

Leaving makeup on can irritate the eyes, causing them to look puffy.

7. Eliminate Alcohol

Alcohol dehydrates the skin, which causes the area around the eyes to darken and sunken.

8. Quit Smoking

Smoking has been shown to cause premature aging around the eyes.

9. Try a Cold Compress

A cold compress helps reduce puffy eyes and add to a young appearance at the same time.

10. Watch Out for The Sunshine

Long exposure to sun can make the skin around the eyes wrinkle and sag.

11. Have Your Cover Up Handy

You can hide the dark circles with concealer, preferably a homemade one.

12. Use an All-Natural Eye Cream

Moisturizing is critical as aging causes dehydration of the skin as result of the lack of collagen.

13. Add Collagen in Your Diet

To boost your collagen intake, try a chicken broth or collagen supplements such as collagen protein powder.