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How To Stop Absorbing Other People’s Negative Energy.


The term sympathy refers to understanding between people, and is defined as ability to feel compassion towards others.  The term empathy, on the other hand, is much deeper feeling that is characterized as both understanding and sharing another person’s emotions. In other words, an ‘empathizer’ feels other people`s emotions as they were his own. Very often, strong empathizers absorb the negative emotions and the suffering from their surroundings.  Consequently, they end up anxious and with a blocked ability to function optimally.

If you have ever talked to a negative person, you know how real their emotions can feel. It actually feels like their burden is seeping into you, making it difficult for you to stay positive.  This is why learning to protect yourself from such negative energy is of utmost importance, as your emotional state affects you in many ways, including physically and mentally.

5 Ways to Stop Absorbing People’s Negativity

  1. Let Go Of People Pleasing

If someone is talking down on you or complaining about you, don’t take it personally! Trying to make them like you will only drag you into the cycle of negativity and make you depend on their opinion, both emotionally and energetically. You need to understand that everyone has different opinions, likes, and dislikes, meaning that not everyone will like you. To defend from people`s negative emotions, simply show yourself love and let go of those pleasing.

  1. Know When To Say ‘NO’

While generosity is a good thing, it is important to learn to prevent your generosity from taking advantage of. Make sure you set boundaries and stick to them.  It`s your own life and personal time, so be careful what types of people you allow to enter it.  Therefore, before you give some a place in your life, set clear standards first.

  1. Stop Feeding The Beast

The term ‘emotional vampire’ refers to people with parasitic personalities who feed on your attention and compassion. While investing in these people may feel good in the beginning, it will eventually drain your energy and you`ll end up felling like a victim. If is good to offer your support to those in need, but learn to stop when your efforts begin becoming redundant.  You aren’t responsible for other people`s problems, particularly when those people look for attention instead of solution to their problems.

  1. Return to Nature

Hearing the voices of nature is a good way to replace the chaotic energies of the modern world. Learn to notice the simplicity of the natural world! Breathe deeply and meditate: Inhale deeply and focus on filling the body with fresh oxygen.  This simple trick will help you feel refreshed and able to protect from negativity.

  1. Remember Who Is Responsible For YOU

You are the only one who is responsible for your thoughts and emotions.  As long as you choose to refuse other people`s approval, you own perception of yourself is the most powerful.  Once you start being accountable for your feelings, you free yourself from the depending on others.  So, choose situations that increase your energy and stay in company that adds to you who are. You are the responsible for your life experience, so make it be amazing!