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Nurse Placed Baby Next to Dying Twin, Then She Witnessed a Miracle!



Nurse Placed Baby Next to Dying Twin, Then She Witnessed a Miracle!

A simple hug can change your mood, comfort, brighten a bad day or simply give a boost in energy when life’s many troubles weigh you down, but this particular hug was life-changing.

In 1995, it was not common for premature babies to be handled or touched, they mainly stayed in their incubators because the medical community thought they were too fragile to be handled. But one nurse changed all that when one of Paul Jackson’s premature twin daughters started experiencing complications

The twin girls, Kyrie and Brielle each weighed only about two pounds at birth. When they were 3 weeks old, Brielle was struggling to breathe and her health was deteriorating.

The on-duty nurse Gayle Kasparaian tried something no one in the US had done yet, she took the more stable twin and placed her inside the ill twin’s incubator. The stable twin wrapped her arm around her, and what happened after was nothing short of a miracle.

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Kyrie put her arm around her sister and Brielle immediately began to stabilize. A newspaper photographer happened to be at the hospital at that very moment and took a photo that went on to be called “The rescuing hug” after it went viral and then became famous around the world.

Not only did the twins being together revive Brielle, it taught doctors about the amazing healing power of touch and changed how they treat infants. The twins are now seventeen and looking to join college. Watch the full amazing story down below.

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