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Husband Honors Wife’s Memory by Forgiving the Man Who Killed Her in a Road Accident



Curtis Nielsen went above and beyond when he forgave the man who killed his wife, Melissa, in a driving accident. He knew his wife would have wanted him to forgive and be at peace.

On May 6, Melissa kissed Curtis goodbye as she went for her morning walk. Curtis did not know that it was their last time seeing each other. He expected his wife to come back home soon after her walk. Instead, heartbreaking news came.

Few minutes after Melissa had left the house, Curtis received a call from Melissa’s friend. She reported that she found Melissa’s body lying on the roadside.

Lincoln (in maroon) and Curtis (in white) | The People

The accident

Curtis rushed to the scene and found her wife’s lifeless body lying on the side of the road. He broke down when he realized he has lost the love of his life. His next-neighbor, Lincoln, was standing nearby in fear begging a 911 dispatcher to send an ambulance.

“I started breaking down,” Curtis recalled. “I started to pray. I knew she wasn’t going to be with us after this.” Their four children, Trinity, 15, Ivan, 11, Daphne, 8, and Victor, 4, were still sleeping back at home.

Lincoln admitted that he was driving to work when he reached down to plug in his phone to charge. The distraction caused him to swerve and hit Melissa killing her on the spot.

Lincoln (in maroon) and Curtis (in white) | Source: The People


Curtis knelt beside his wife reflecting on the memories they shared for 19 years. He knew that his wife would have wanted him to forgive Lincoln so as to be at peace. That’s exactly what he did.

“He was always being tortured enough by his own actions. And I didn’t want to jeopardize him not having time with his own family,” Curtis told The People.

Lincoln was having challenges of his own at home. His wife is suffering from a debilitating respiratory condition. He lost his youngest child from a neuromuscular degenerative disorder. And then, he received news that his two other kids have the same disorder that claimed his son’s life.

Afterward, Lincoln was charged with vehicular manslaughter, but Curtis supported him throughout. He insisted Lincoln would not serve time or pay any fine. His offense is punishable by one year in jail and hefty fines.

“I feel so grateful. Everybody’s been so supportive, caring and sympathetic,” Lincoln told The People. “If his attitude was different, I’d be in jail.”

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