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Husband Suffers Amnesia and Loses 20 Years of His Memory, 5 Years Later He Falls in Love With His Wife All Over Again and Remarries Her!



Wayne and Sharleen Meyers got married in 2004 and had four children together. Wayne had a special bond with his children but on January 28, 2009 their lives changed instantly. While Wayne was working his shift as a forklift driver he pulled over and passed out in his car.

He was taken to the hospital and doctors told them that he had suffered from dehydration and severe heatstroke. Unfortunately when he woke up, he could not remember anything, he had no memory of being married to Sharleen or his four kids, he couldn’t even recognize them. His last memory was of the year 1989 with no idea of what happened since then.

The memories he had of 20 years were missing in his mind. He was diagnosed with retrograde amnesia, which can be caused by extreme dehydration, it is a form of amnesia where someone is unable to recall events that occurred before the development of amnesia even though they can be able to encode and memorize new things that occur after the onset.

Wayne’s case was very severe because even after time passed he still could not remember anything. He spent five days in the hospital and it took his mother’s assurance that he was going to be safe at their home under Sharleen’s care, for him to go.

Sharleen did all she could to help him regain his memories back and even the family photos and old home movies couldn’t do a thing. Sharleen and her children started from square one by telling him what his hobbies were and interests and even showed him how to use his favorite tools.

She expected his memory would return with time and they would go back to being normal but his memory never returned.“The only way we can cope is going on with the life and making new memories”, Sharleen said.

However,as they spent more time together, Wayne fell in love with Sharleen once again and in 2014 they remarried exactly 20 years since they first met and five years after he lost his memory. Wayne also created a new beautiful bond with his children and they are now focused on making new memories.

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