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Husband Uses Backup Camera To Prank His Wife- Her Freak-Outs Are Hysterical!



“My wife’s car has this neat little backup camera that shows what is behind you when you put it in reverse. I had some tape and some pictures… This really took some time! I got the idea when I left one of Deacon’s toy dinosaurs on the bumper of her car.

When I put it in reverse to move it later that day, its mouth full of teeth showed up super huge in the wide, fish-eye lens of the backup camera. It made me jump halfway out of the seat! I wanted to share that feeling with the people I love, ha ha.

The first few were easy because she wasn’t expecting it; although I did have to rebuild my little popsicle frame often (because she’d smash it when she was removing whatever I put there).

She got real vigilant after that and caught 3 of them before she got in the car, so I had to get creative… I wasn’t going to be able to get her at home, once her guard was up; so I drove to her work and rolled through the parking lot until I found her car.

I was afraid she’d spot it before she got in, but it kind of hugs right up against the tag so it’s not that conspicuous—and she wasn’t expecting it at work, so I got lucky. (That was probably the best one.)

After that, I got her at the tanning bed, the gym, the grocery store… It’s harder than it sounds, because I had to do a test run with each picture and remember exactly how to set it up and make it look right, before I fixed it to the camera, on the fly.

She caught me once at the pharmacy, People watching the scene thought she had caught me trying to steal her tag or vandalize the car—It was pretty funny. All in all, those few pictures took over a month or so; and she still walks all the way around her car before getting in it now.” 😉


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