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In a Viral Post Mom Shares How To Bring Up Your Son To Be a Well-Mannered Gentleman.



“I always hear about fathers taking their daughters on dates, but we must not forget about our sons! I started taking my son on a date when he was 5. Not only is it so much fun spending quality time with him, but it is even more fun teaching him to be a gentleman. He opened my car door and the doors to the theater.

I had him handle the ordering of our tickets and popcorn, including him completing each transaction by paying for them, too. After we were leaving, I didn’t even have to remind him to open the doors for me.

He excitedly ran over to the car, and opened my door for me! I realized we needed to stop for gas, and explained it’s always nice for the man to pump. So, (under my supervision) he paid and pumped the gas.

He had an amazing time and asks to go on more dates with me. Not only do we need to show our daughters how to be treated and what to look for in a man, we need to teach our sons how to BE the men our daughters are looking for. Don’t forget about our sons. They’re just as important.

I now observe my son holding doors open for everyone, not just girls. But when he does hold the door open for girls, he always says ‘A gentleman always let’s a lady goes first.’ ”


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