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In a Viral Video Rescue Dog Puts Her Puppies, One By One On Foster Mom’s Lap, How Precious!



In the probably the sweetest viral video we’ve seen to date, a foster dog, Grayce, who had just given birth to newborn puppies, picks up her puppies and brings them to her foster mom, Stevoni Doyle’s lap one by one. The oh so adorable dog came into this family’s life less than a month has already found a safe and loving home for herself and her puppies.

In the heartwarming video, Grayce picks up each puppy in her mouth from a corner in the room and puts them on Doyle’s lap, making for a serious puppy pile as Stevoni is left barely able to contain the bundle of cuteness in her arms.

Stevoni’s husband only caught Grayce piling three of the puppies on Doyle’s lap on camera, but there are many more before the camera started rolling. An emotional Stevoni says, “You are so precious. I’ve never seen a dog do this before!”Such a sweet show of complete trust!

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