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Inspectors Try To Attack His Grandma, But This Tiny Toddler Comes Jumping To Her Rescue!



Inspectors Try To Attack His Grandma, But This Tiny Toddler Comes Jumping To Her Rescue!

Bullying and harassment is a serious issue in society, and in whichever form it is, it is wrong. Often, bullies single out the victims who look different from them, are of a different socioeconomic status, or even just think a little differently or enjoy unique activities that could make a person appear different than “normal”.

Most of us have experienced some sort of bullying or we have witnessed it, especially when we were younger. Often, as we grow older and more mature, the negative behavior tends to fade away as we have better understanding of life and are more accepting of those different from us.

However, there are still people who never grow out of that phase in their life. They can’t simply live and let live, and they lash out at those around them. Sometimes, someone steps in to help or defend the person being bullied. In this video, that someone is quite a surprise. The grandmother is a street vendor who is being harassed by local Code Enforcers and Inspectors for taking up too much space with her stall. It may be a big deal to them, but definitely no known reason to bully an elderly lady or anyone else for that matter!

Determined to protect his grandma and to keep the mob at bay, the little boy even went so far as to grab a metal pipe to fend off attackers and keep onlookers and harassers as far away as he could. He puffed up his tiny chest and used his voice as harshly as he could. Of course, we are equally amazed by this young boy’s courage.

Yet, we are disappointed that at such a young age he has had to experience this dark side of human behavior. Watch the video below and watch how the little boy jumps to his grandmother’s defence. Please like and share this story and lets spread awareness against bullying and harassment!


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