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Inspiring Blind Singer Brings Judges To Tears On ‘American Idol’



Seventeen year old Shayy Winn had the judges on American Idol and millions of people across the world in tears when she took to the stage to showcase her amazing talent on the popular Tv show.  She not only had an incredibly touching background story, but also her amazing talent and song choice were absolutely perfect.

Shayy who is a student of performing arts went to an eye doctor after having a problem with her eyes thinking that she would probably get eyeglasses, but it turned out to be a more serious problem.

She was immediately sent to the Emergency Room where doctors discovered that she has a hydrocephalus that caused swelling of her optic nerve. The doctors discovered that she had a tumor on her brain.

A year ago she became legally blind because of the brain tumor, only 50% of which could be removed safely.
She was bullied at school when she returned walking with a cane, some students even kicked her cane. It was difficult for her, but she had a strong support system from her family and friends.

For her American Idol audition, Shayy chose to sing Andra Day’s “Rise Up” a very powerful song that beautifully brought out her resilient spirit.

From the moment Shayy, sang the first line of the song, judge Lionel Ritchie lost it! Tears were running down his face and by the time she was done, he was a blubbering mess.

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“You wrecked me.” Lionel said before rushing to hug her.
Judge Katy Perry said, “I’ve never seen Lionel cry so much,”
“You look like you’re walking a daughter down the aisle.” judge Luke Bryan added.
“You have what we cannot teach. We cannot teach letting the music flow straight from the soul, and that’s just what you did. It just pours out of you.” Luke Bryan said to Shayy.

“You are a lesson to us all because it is the power of the spirit, you are a reminder of just how blessed we are. You walk out here with all the confidence in the world and just deliver your spirit, you touched me. I’m so in love with you.” Lionel said before they all gave her three yeses and handed her her golden ticket.