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Intense Chemotherapy Left Her Infertile, But When Surrogate Becomes Pregnant With Twins, Doctor Reveals Huge News!



When Lytina Kaur was just seventeen years old, she was diagnosed with leukemia and immediately started chemotherapy. She eventually received a bone marrow transplant and beat the cancer, but doctors informed her that the chemotherapy had left her infertile and she would never be able to have children.

At the time that fact did not really bother her, being just a teenager with many other goals to achieve. However when she finally got married at twenty three, she desperately wanted to start a family with her husband, but the couple already knew that the doctors had said they would not be able to have any kids.

After enduring 17 miscarriages and an unsuccessful in vitro fertilization, the couple decided to look into surrogacy. A hospital in India made attempts to implant her embryo into a surrogate, unfortunately, each attempt resulted in miscarriage. The couple was ready to give up on their dream to have children when the first miracle happened.

Kaur became pregnant naturally but she could not let herself get excited as she anticipated another miscarriage. Miraculously, Kaur was able to carry her baby girl to full term and gave birth to their first born in September 2015.

But that was not all the miracles lined up for her! The next happened when the hospital transferred Kaur’s four remaining embryos to a surrogate despite the previously failed attempts, and the surrogate became pregnant with healthy twin girls, Kajal and Kavita, who were born in November 2015.

A month after the twins were born, Kaur flew over to meet her twin daughters and bring them home. While she was in the process of bringing home her twin daughters, Kaur learned that she was pregnant again!

Their fourth daughter, Kiyara, was born in June 2016, at just 28 weeks. That’s four beautiful children in a span of about 9 months to a woman who had been told that she would never have children, we say this is what miracles are made of!

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