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Kind Man Praised For Stopping Traffic To Help Senior Citizen Using Walker Cross The Street.



A Georgia man by the name Justin Jackson is being lauded as a good Samaritan across the internet, after he was filmed helping a senior citizen cross the street. The local affiliate NBC 11 reports, E’Ondira Weems caught Jackson on camera getting out of his truck, which he used to block one lane of traffic and walking alongside the senior as he used his walker to cross the street. The other drivers waited until both men were safe before proceeding.

“Y’all this man stopped traffic to help him… and my heart,” Weems wrote of the touching moment. Her video, which she posted to Facebook, has since gotten more than six million views and been shared more than 136,000 times.

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Speaking to NBC, Jackson shed more light on his act of kindness which took place on March 11 in Griffin, Ga. He said, “The old man was walking across the streets and people were flying by and I was like, ‘l’ve got to stop,’” Jackson told NBC 11 about

Jackson’s now getting rave reviews on social media.
“We need more people like this man,” read one comment.
“That, dear young people, is a real man!” added a Facebook poster.
“Is he married??? Asking for a friend,” joked another fan.


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