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Kind Train Conductor Buys Ticket For Service Man To Attend His Grandpa’s Funeral After He Was Left Stranded at Train Station.



“I just wanted to share with you guys at ARRIVA what happened to My 16 year old son on Saturday morning at Harrogate train station. My son was to leave barracks Friday at 5 for compassionate leave due to his grandad passing away, however he was held up and couldn’t leave until the next morning. He called the train line and changed the ticket to next morning and they said all was fine and details have been changed and you’re good to go for tomorrow.

Come 7am Saturday morning Ewan arrived at the train station and boarded fine. The conductor then came round who told him his ticket wasn’t valid. My son explained what had happened, showed the conductor the 12 minute phone call to the train line on his phone from when he changed the details of travel but conductor said they hadn’t changed it properly and his ticket wasn’t valid.

He couldn’t get hold of me (I was still asleep after being up all til 3am with little ones ear ache) to pay for another ticket so he was stuck. BUT instead of throwing My son off the train the conductor of Harrogate station (A Mr Peter Foster ) PAID FOR MY SONS TICKET !!! He literally bought a stranger a £55 ticket with his own bank card there and then and trusted he would pay him back on his return journey.

He gave my son his name and number and didn’t take any details from my son, said ‘no need I trust you.’ When my son told me what had happened it made me cry, such a kind act. I sent Peter a message thanking him and asking for bank details to pay him back and he replied with ‘no problem always happy to help a serviceman in need’ and yes I cried again.

Paying him back doesn’t seem enough and I would like ARRIVA to know what a great human being the conductor at Harrogate is and Mr Peter Foster I thank you again from the bottom of my heart ❤️ as does my son xxx. Please can people share so ARRIVA can see what a great guy they employ xx.”


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