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Lash Lice Becoming More Common In Eyelash Extensions, Doctors Issue Warning



Lash Lice Becoming More Common In Eyelash Extensions, Doctors Issue Warning

Wearing a set of eyelash extensions is something many women often do. After all, eyelash extensions are an easy way to enhance the volume, curliness and thickness of your natural lashes.

However, optometrists have now issued a warning relating to an apparent rise in cases of lash lice medically known as Demodex, according to reports.

Experts reveal that many people who get eyelash extensions are afraid to wash them due to fears that they might fall out. A lack of cleaning can lead to a buildup of bacteria, which paves the way for a number of problems like infection or lash lice.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Symptoms of Demodex can include itchiness, redness, inflammation and worse, it can precede the presence of lice.

According to reports, lash lice, like usual head lice, live on hair follicles and can be transferred from person to person through jumping but they are not the same species to the more common head lice.

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Talking to ABC7, Dr. Sairah Malik explained that a lack of cleaning leads to the bacteria buildup. “Generally the idea when you have eyelash extensions is that people are afraid to kind of touch them or wash them because they’re afraid the eyelash will fall out,” Dr. Malik said.

“We recommend tea tree base cleanser. Any cleanser that has a diluted form of tea tree, and it is a good idea to use on a daily basis.” Dr. Malik added.

Experts also advise that it’s a good idea to give your natural lashes a break from extensions every once in a while as it can be beneficial for overall eye health.

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