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Little Boy Left Alone With His Mother’s Body For 2 Days After She Died Of Asthma Attack.



A three year old boy, Mason Martin, was left with his mother’s dead body for two days before his mom’s best-friend came to the little boy’s rescue. Mason’s mom, Lydia Macdonald died in her bed at home in Perth, Scotland after suffering a fatal asthma attack. Lydia was found clutching her inhaler by her best friend Jodi-Ann two days after she had died, when Mason let her in and said,”I can’t wake Mummy.”

Speaking out about the tragic death of her daughter, Lydia’s mother Linda Macdonald said, “We were absolutely devastated. The light she brought to every room had gone out. Mason was alone with her. I have no idea what he thought or what he was going through.”

Little Mason had survived about forty eight hours on his own by eating a lump of cheese he found in the fridge. The little boy whose father had died suddenly when he was just eight months old, was dehydrated when he was found.

Ms Macdonald has been looking after her grandson for about three years now, since her daughter’s death in 2014 and said Lydia had suffered from chronic asthma since she was a child.

She explained, “Lydia was so strong and independent, she passed that onto Mason and somehow he managed to feed and water himself for all that time. We are now bringing up Mason and tell him every day that now his mummy is with daddy and they’re both the brightest stars in the sky and despite everything he’s doing fantastically.”


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