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Little boy making grocery list with his mom will melt your heart



Little boy making grocery list with his mom will melt your heart

Did you know that accents are programmed into a child’s head from as early as when they are just six months old?

A sweet southern woman called Chrystal Logsdon recorded his son calling out the grocery shopping list, his accent is so concentrated which makes it even cuter. The video is receiving good publicity. He is one of the most adorable children on the internet right now!

Chrystal’s son was so excited when his mother told him to accompany her to the grocery store. It is a routine to make a list first before leaving to shop, so the little boy rushed to get a pen and a book and returned to her mother to list off the items they needed.

Facebook/Chrystal Logsdon

Facebook/Chrystal Logsdon

After each item Chrystal mentioned, the son would repeat the words in the sweetest southern accent. Each word was rich with the home country twang!

“As early as 6 months old, [a baby] begins to differentiate one bit of verbal input from another, mentally reviewing and silently rehearsing for the moment when the vocal cords are ready to deliver.

And when the words do tumble out, they will be reproduced with the distinctive, localized twang or lilt overheard in Mommy’s and Daddy’s (or mama’s and papa’s) own funny speech. Accents in whatever language, stubbornly hang in there for years, decades, a lifetime, without being easily rubbed out,” Smithsonian explains.

Every time the child hears the mother or father or a baby sitter speak in front of them, the sound is imprinted into their brains and are stored until they can speak for themselves. The vocal imprinting is definitely what happened with Chrystal’s adorable little boy.

Listen to the adorable boy’s accent while creating the grocery list on the link below: