Little Boy With Brain Cancer Begged His Mom To Let Him Die So He Could Save Her Life.

Seven year old, Chen Xiaotian who had been battling brain cancer, made a decision to sacrifice his own life so that he would save his mother. His mother, Zhou, had been diagnosed with a kidney disease and doctors had informed her that her quality of life would not be easy. The mother and son pair had spent most of their time in and out of the hospital because of their illnesses and initially doctors thought that little Chen was going to survive, but his cancer began to fast worsen.

It was then that the little brave boy decided to give up his kidney so that his mother could live after he heard of how serious his mother’s condition was. The brain cancer had paralyzed little Chen and he was already losing his sight.
“They told me that my grandson would not survive but his kidneys could help his mother, and also save two other lives as well.” Zhou’s mother, Lu, said.

Zhou denied Chen’s request at first, she could not take it that her son was willing to die for her. It took a while, and after consulting carefully with the doctors, Zhou accepted to have her son’s kidney. Zhou’s only consolation was the fact that a part of her son was going to be with her.

When little Chen died, his kidney was transplanted to his mother, his right kidney went to a 21 year old woman and his liver was given to a 27 year old woman. Before they could operate on him, the doctors took a moment of silence to pray to honour him for his selfless act. It was a big sacrifice but it saved the life of his mother and two other people. Zhou may have lost her son physically, but she will always have a part of him with her.

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