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Little Boy’s Kind Reaction to His Peer’s Birthmark Is What We Need in This World!



Grant Schmidt was born with a birthmark on his face, which has made him a little self-conscious of his appearance. After meeting a kind stranger who had an unexpected reaction to the elementary schooler’s birthmark, Grant’s mom posted the heartwarming tale to the Love What Matters Facebook page, feeling appreciative of how a singular compliment changed her son’s entire perspective of his birthmark.

“Grant didn’t have a problem with his birthmark, but everyone else seemed to. The large port wine birthmark spilling across his left eye and cheek was normal to him,” Grant’s mother Madeleine Schmidt wrote on Facebook. “But it was noticeable to others, and with each passing year, Grant grew more and more frustrated with the repetitious and invasive questions from strangers. “Grant had even told his mother that, “I wish I didn’t have my birthmark.”

“It had never been a thing to him, so we naturally started asking questions,” Madeleine shares. “We asked if he just didn’t like it anymore and he said ‘No, it’s fine. I’m just so tired of people asking about it or trying to touch my face.’ It broke my heart.”

All the negative comments took a toll on Grant, until one kind classmate changed his entire outlook. One “extraordinarily kind” boy with reddish hair approached Grant at school one day, and asked, “What’s that on your face?” When Grant began his standard speech explaining his birthmark, he got a surprising response. His unknown classmate said, “Well, your birthmark is really cool.” Grant was shocked, but ultimately that compliment helped Grant’s self-confidence soar.

Grant told his mom that he had the best day at school, a sense of joy that Madeleine says she hadn’t seen in him for a while. She embarked on a mission to find this kindhearted child that brought out a newfound confidence in her son. So, she searched for this little stranger amongst the 400 students at her son’s school — it was a first grader named Tucker.

“It turns out Tucker is actually very shy,” Madeline writes. “They [Tucker’s parents] said it was completely out of character for him, but they were proud to hear he’d been so kind.”

Later, when Madeleine took her son to the dermatologist, she asked him “if he would magically have [his birthmark] removed if he could.” His answer was as she had expected after Tucker’s compliment, and Grant replied, “Are you kidding? No way! I LOVE my birthmark.”


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