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Little Girl Couldn’t Handle It Anymore and Runs To Hug Dad Before Military Ceremony Ends!



Little Girl Couldn't Handle It Anymore and Runs To Hug Dad Before Military Ceremony Ends!

Military families face long separations and missed holidays, birthdays, and special events. They also miss out on day to day routines and a family togetherness that many of us take for granted. Though they may be able to text, email, Skype, or communicate digitally through the many available channels, that is not the same as holding a loved one in your arms.

Digital connection is simply not the same. And for the youngest members of their families, they may feel this absence the strongest. Unlike adults and older children, they struggle to truly understand why their parent or loved one is gone every day and why they can’t feel their arms around them, providing comfort and security.

A little girl attending a homecoming ceremony in Fort Carson, Colorado couldn’t wait another second to feel her father’s arms around her. Daniel Oglesby had been deployed with 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division in Southeast Asia for nearly 9 months.

When his little girl spotted him in the lineup, she dashed across the floor for a hug, and he briefly broke formation to return the embrace. The moment is absolutely adorable and sums up many of the struggles that military families face.

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