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Little Girl Gets A Winning Lottery Ticket and Spends All The Money To Feed the Homeless.



Little Girl Gets A Winning Lottery Ticket and Spends All The Money To Feed the Homeless.

Phoebe Brown, a 7 year old girl, picked a discarded lottery ticket in the parking lot of a grocery store. She instantly knew that she had won. “I saw that lottery ticket and it had a two on the back. I thought I’d better pick it up and I told my mum it was a winner.” She told FOX4 News.

The ticket was worth $100 and it bore the Mizzou Tigers logo. Instead of keeping all the money she won to herself and her family because they had a lot of problems, Phoebe chose to help those who really needed the money more.

The elementary school she was attending,Sycamore Hills Elementary School, had been collecting canned goods for the less-fortunate, as part of the Independence School District’s 150th anniversary, and Phoebe had a better idea on what she wanted to use the money on. She decided to donate the money to feed the less fortunate. School district leaders say the Browns bought $100 worth of groceries at a local store to add to the room filled with donations.

She took the money she had won and went ahead to buy groceries worth $100 to add on what their school had planned to donate. Her winnings from the scratch-off went into good use by helping the less fortunate and it put her class above what they had planned to achieve by the end of their donations.

Their gym teacher had promised the class that they would shave his long beard if they went above their goal and because of Phoebe’s huge donation, he kept his promise. Any child at Phoebe’s age would want to spend the money on buying toys and perhaps visiting Disney land, but she decided to spend the money on those who needed it more than she did.

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