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Man Built the Most Stunning Church Using Trees ONLY!



Barry Cox is a very talented artist from New Zealand. He spent a whole  four years working on creating a sacred masterpiece. With fueled inspiration from his dream to become pope at some point in his life. He went on to build one of the most breath-taking churches you have seen in a long time! It was in April 2011 that Barry stepped out of his back door and had an idea. On a whim, he started to clear the area on his property for what he had in mind; he would combine both his love of churches and trees and make a church made out of trees.

Whats more special about the church is that he built it naturally, using trees only! He visited many different countries all the while studying all of their churches. He got more inspiration that he used to come up with his own beautiful design,landscaping a 350m lush labyrinth walk based on the walls of the ancient city of Jericho.

The amazing architectural project comprises a variety of plant species including cut leaf alder for the roof canopy, copper sheen for the walls, and camellia black tie, acer globosum and thuja pyramidalis for the external facades.

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The 100-person space was initially meant to be the Barry’s very own personal sanctuary, but with such a magical hotspot, folks have been lining up to say their “I Dos”  in the breath-taking vicinity that is perfect for the elaborate weddings, receptions, parties and other events he hosts twice a week.

His talent and  artwork birthed an absolutely beautiful church where each wall is a living, breathing tree of God!