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Man Often Bullied Because of His Rare Disorder Has Such A Powerful Message For Everyone.



37 year old Michael Goodman is a successful pediatrician from Indianapolis, Indiana. On November 8, 2017, he wrote an emotional and personal Facebook post about living with Treacher Collins Syndrome. According to Genetics Home Reference, Treacher Collins Syndrome affects the development of facial bones and tissue and affects 1 in 50,000 people. Here is the post:

“My Wonder Story: My name is Michael Goodman and I’m a 37 year old pediatrician. I love ice hockey, ice cream, and quite possibly, Maggie, on The Walking Dead.

I also have Treacher Collins Syndrome, like Auggie has in Wonder. The mutation responsible for the syndrome affects development of the external ears, middle ear bones, cheek bones, and lower jaw.

I have experienced 75% of the social struggles Auggie dealt with, plus attempted suicide twice my senior year of high school; in addition to a family not allowing me to take care of their child as a physician, due to my appearance and my speech.

Words can and do hurt.
People with facial deformities want to be treated like any other normally developed person: respected, even loved.
Please choose kindness.”


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