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Man Runs When He Hears Wife Scream From Bathroom. But When He Throws Open Door..



KC Goodwin was planning to get together with her friends for a weekend retreat, so to prepare she wanted to test a number of beauty products she had recently received from Amazon. However, while attempting to try one of the products she let out a scream that sent her husband, JW Goodwin, running to the bathroom.

Using activated charcoal to whiten your teeth has been a recent fad with buzz across the internet that has people smearing black powder all over their teeth in order to get those pearly whites you often just see on your favorite celebrities. While some dentists warn against using charcoal on your teeth, the mother of five from Alabama wanted to give it a try.

She told WSFA that the “teeny-tiny tab was so hard to open and I pushed down to hard” and poof! She let out a scream and her husband rushed to see what was the matter. As he got closer to the bathroom he heard his wife laughing and pulled out his phone. He later revealed that he knew whatever happened in the bathroom was hysterical and he wanted to make sure he got it on camera.

KC stood in the bathroom covered in the jet black powder. The bathroom sink and the rug didn’t fair too well either. She can be heard yelling: “I had an accident,” and smiles as her husband replies: “Your teeth do look white.” Through her giggling, KC says, “This product works!” When he asks her what happens she struggles to get her words out as she cries with laughter.