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Man Saves Dog From Being Strangled By Lift After Owner Fails To Realize Mistake



Man Saves Dog From Being Strangled By Lift After Owner Fails To Realize Mistake

A video clip is making rounds online showing the shocking moment a heroic man saved a dog from being strangled to death by lift doors.

In the video, posted to Twitter by Johnny Mathis, a woman can be seen walking her dog on a leash as she enters an elevator. Without realizing her dog hadn’t entered the lift with her, the doors shut behind her and the little pup is left behind with its leash stuck in between the lift doors.

Immediately noticing what had happened, Johnny who had just exited the elevator right before the woman entered immediately rushed to rescue the animal.

Johnny can be seen frantically trying to remove the Pomeranian dog’s collar for a few seconds before he successfully manages to free the little dog who appeared to be quite shaken by the incident. Johnny then carries the dog and waits by the lift doors, after making sure the pup was okay.

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“Y’all I’m shaking!!! I just saved a dog on a leash that didn’t make it onto the elevator with the owner before the door closed! I just happened to turn around as the door closed and it started to lift off the ground I got the leash off in time.” Johnny wrote alongside the video.

“I could hear her screaming the whole time.” Johnny said of the dog’s owner.

He added that by the time the elevator came back down, she was absolutely heartbroken. “She was on the floor with her face covered just bawling her eyes out. I felt really bad.”

Since it was posted online, the video has been viewed more than 21 million times, with thousands of social media users expressing their horror at what happened and praising the heroic Johnny for his quick thinking that pretty much saved the day.

One person appreciated Johnny’s actions saying he did a ‘great job’ and another added, “big ups to that dude’s quick reaction…may karma bless him accordingly.”

Hats off to you Johnny, you are a hero!

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