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Man Who Climbed Mountain For First Sunrise Of 2020 Captures Photo Of Figure In The Clouds



Man Who Scaled Mountain For First Sunrise Of 2020 Captures Photo Of Figure In The Clouds

A man who ushered in the New Year by scaling a mountain to take a picture of the sunrise managed to capture a rare photo that is taking the internet by storm.

To celebrate the beginning of 2020, Hiker Rhys Pleming decided to climb up Snowdon, the highest peak in Wales, England.

Rhys simply wanted to capture the very first sunrise of the decade, so in the company of his friend, the pair started their ascend.

At the top, Rhys got to enjoy the beautiful sunrise and much more! He was rewarded with an incredibly rare sight known as the Broken spectre.

Rhys’ phenomenal pictures appear to show an other-worldly figure walking through the clouds, surrounded by a circular rainbow of light.

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According to reports, the phenomenon occurs when the low sun shines behind someone looking into mist from a higher ridge. The person’s shadow is projected forward, casting a silhouette against the rainbow and creates the illusion of someone in the clouds.

“There was only a 50/50 chance of seeing the sunrise because of the cloud, but me and my friend decided to go up anyway.

“He told me to walk ahead because he was a bit slower than me, so I must have summited around 8.15am and started to take a few pictures of the sunrise. There were a few other people there at that point too.” Rhys told North Wales Live.


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“It was about an hour later when my friend arrived at the top that the Brocken spectre happened. It was perfect timing. It was just pure luck.

“I’d only gone to get some pictures of the sunrise, but this was just a bonus. It was a New Year to remember.” Rhys added.

Now that is an incredible way to usher in the decade! It is quite obvious this stunning photograph is magical to say the least!

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