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Man With Cancer’s Last Wish On His Death Bed – To Have His 11 Dogs Adopted



Man With Cancer's Last Wish On His Death Bed - To Have His 11 Dogs Adopted

For the past few years, Richard Ewers has dedicated his life to rescuing stray dogs and has provided them with shelter at his home in the San Antonio area of Texas. Last year, seventy-one-year-old Richard was diagnosed with stomach cancer and this meant that all the dogs that are in his compound would soon need new homes.

Local rescue organizations have stepped in to help in catering for the dog’s regular needs and home placements. Only eleven dogs are yet to find a home.

With only one week left to live, Richard had to go to hospice care for his remaining duration of life. Volunteers from Save Our Strays San Antonio have been actively going to Richard’s to feed the dogs and pet them a little. The changes have made the dogs a little confused and nervous but it’s the hope of the old man that they find a home before he succumbs to cancer.

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His compound doesn’t have electricity or running water which makes things even harder to run. Mary Oyler, a member of Save Our Strays Antonio,  told of the dire situation to KSAT. The only thing left is the old man’s dying wish fulfilled.

“They can’t be here much longer,” said Mary.

The volunteers that have been taking care of Mr. Richard’s dogs in his final days have also been paying him daily visits to check on his update. They have also reached out to his friends and family to ensure the loving old man doesn’t spend his last days alone.

The best of things they have done so far is helping Richard in his mission to achieve his only wish. They created a Facebook page and notified the public on the situation. The page is called Helping Mr. Richard and His Dogs, San Antonio, TX .

They also update the public on new developments.

“PUPDATE: Many of you are new to Mr. Richard’s story and do not know about Fruity, his most adored dog. Fruity is a little old lady chihuahua. When he was placed in hospice one of his caregivers found out about Fruity and asked to adopt her.

Will as of 12 am yesterday; Fruity is in the most Loving hands she could ever be in, she has three sisters who will Love her and help her through her sadness of losing the only person that cared for her for so many years.”

It may be harder for some of the dogs to get adopted as quickly, but all the same, the massive encouragement on the facebook page gives so much hope for the dogs.

Most of these dogs have shown signs of depression due to the rampant changes they are going through. It is our prayer and wishes that they quickly adapt to their new surroundings and hopefully get the same comfort, love, and care that Mr. Richard provided for them.