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Merriam Police back to work after battle with Colon Cancer



Merriam Police Cpl. Phil Lewis is officially back to work after 22 months of struggle with Cancer.

Phil was diagnosed with colon cancer in January 2019 and has since been suffering numerous setbacks throughout the months.

As he reports today to work cancer-free, he feels like his life is officially back to normal. Being away for that long had renewed his excitement to put his Police uniform back on.

The simple things he used to take for granted before the diagnosis now means a lot to him.

“I used to envy seeing someone simply get up from a chair, walk across the room, and get something to eat,” Phil said.

“I just wanted to see the day when, from the time I woke up, that every single thing wasn’t a struggle. Life as I knew it was gone, and I didn’t like it. That is what motivated me to keep going and get healthy.”

Now that he is back, he really hopes to give back to his community. He appreciates the City of Merriam and the police Department for having gone out of their way to support him and his family.

While he was in the hospital, they fed his family, helped his wife around the house, and work, and held numerous fundraisers donating their own time and money.

When asked why he prefers to be back to work after all those months, Phil Said, “I love being a police officer, and I’m not done yet. I have a debt to repay to the law enforcement community, the Merriam Police Department, and the citizens of Merriam for all they have done for me. I can’t just walk away from that.”

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