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Millions Left in Tears After This Down Syndrome Couple Who Got Banned From Kissing Get Engaged on Air.



In a world where so many things can go wrong, people seem to cause the majority of the problems. Sure, they may mean well, or be exacting a policy that’s merely personal to them, but without this kind of input, things would be a lot better off. Not every philosophy applies universally, and those who believe that they can create such scenarios are being selfish, not selfless.

All Couples, No Matter The Condition, Deserve Respect

This is especially true for individuals that fall outside the norm. From race and religion to other more meaningless differences, buttinskis love to add their two cents to situations that really have nothing to do with them. It’s about perspective, skewed or otherwise. For one young couple, a controversial call has led to something very special indeed.

Their Love Is As Valid As Any Other

Niki Whyatt and Samantha Lochrie like to attend a local UK youth club where they can hang out and mingle. She’s 23. He’s 30. One night, the pair were playing around and started kissing. After a while, someone from the place came over to them and told them to stop. They had been “banned” from kissing, even though they were over 18. Oh, and did we mention that Niki and Samantha both have Down Syndrome?

They Even Get Married Like Anyone Else

Seems someone’s prejudice about individuals with special needs showing affection to each other took over and made things uncomfortable. Niki and Sam’s story sparked a lot of interest, and local TV decided to do a story on them.

Niki And Sam Love Each Other

When they appeared, they got a lot of sympathy and understanding. Then, Niki decided to do something incredible. In front of parents and the press, he got down on one knee and proposed. Naturally, Sam said “Yes.” That’s a happy ending to a potential negative situation.

Watch the moment unfold:

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