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Mom Carries Baby With Fatal Brain Disorder To Full Term So She Can Donate Organs To Newborns in Need



Mom Carries Baby With Fatal Brain Disorder To Full Term So She Can Donate Organs To Newborns in Need

When Krysta Davis was 18 weeks pregnant with her daughter, Rylei Arcadia Lovett, Krysta and her partner, Dereck Lovett, got some devastating news. Their unborn baby had Anencephaly, a serious birth defect in which a baby is born without parts of the brain and skull.

Doctors gave Krysta the option of having Rylei then, in her second trimester, or carrying her to term so that her tiny organs could be donated to babies who needed them.

Krysta decided then to carry baby Rylei to term. “If I wasn’t able to bring my baby home, at least others could bring theirs home.” She told ABC affiliate News Channel 9.

For the following 5 months Krysta carried her baby as she gave her body time to grow the organs that would be such a priceless gift to families who were in a kind of pain the Lovett family know all too well.

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Krysta gave birth to baby Rylei at full term, on December 24, but doctors informed her that her daughter might only survive for 30 minutes. However, baby Rylei held on for a week.

“There’s no way to describe how amazing it felt. When you go to thinking you’ll only have 30 minutes with your child and you get an entire week.” Krysta said.

For the little time they had together, the family cuddled up together as much as they could. “After they cut her umbilical cord, I laid her on my chest, skin to skin, I was rubbing her and crying because I was so in love. She was so perfect and beautiful to me. Her brain voice was exposed. But I didn’t even care or notice, I was just so in love.” Krysta said.

“I wouldn’t trade this week for anything in the whole wide world.” Krysta wrote on a Facebook page dedicated to Rylei’s memory, adding that she was so proud of her daughter and the fight she put up.

Just a week after she came to the world, baby Rylei ascended to heaven on New Year’s Day. According to the doctors, it was a miracle she managed to stay alive for so long. Rylei was then taken for surgery, where her organs were retrieved for donation.

“They said her heart valves will go toward saving two other babies and the lungs will be sent off for research to see what else can be learned about Anencephaly from them.” Krysta shared.

Losing her baby left Krysta with unimaginable pain, but she finds comfort in knowing that somewhere, another mama is holding a little piece of Rylei.

We are sending lots of love and hugs to Rylei’s family.