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Mom Desperate To Save Her Son Puts Life On Line By Donating TWO Major Organs!



Sarah Lamont, an Irish mom from Antrim, Ireland has made a decision to donate a kidney and a third of her liver to her 4 year old son, Joe. Sarah has no second thoughts about her decision for she would give anything to save her son’s life. Joe was born with a rare condition called autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease and was therefore forced to have both his kidneys removed and has since then been depending on regular dialysis.

Aside from that, Joe has developed advanced liver disease which could be life threatening without a transplant. The young boy has been on the transplant list for more than a year with not much luck, so his mother decided that she could not wait much longer and wanted to see her son get the help he need as soon as possible.

Sarah said, “Joe has got high blood pressure in his liver and he could bleed to death from blood vessels rupturing. I wasn’t prepared to wait and wait and lose him. He is so precious I couldn’t bear life without him.” Sarah is afraid that her son’s illness will force him to delay on his life events and thus it will be hard for him to catch up with other children his age.

“I will be all right, I am a very optimistic person. If I could do it today I would, the sooner the better. I would never have doubts. Joe has been through so much, there are times I have been told he is not going to make it but he always does. I am lucky I can give Joe a liver and kidney.” She said.

Sarah, who has two other children, Max, 12, and Eve, 10, knows she is putting herself at risk by being a double donor but believes she has no other option. Experts at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, where the double operation will be performed three weeks from now, have only ever carried out one similar procedure six years ago, and add that the mom of three will be only the fifth Briton in 20 years to ­become a double donor.

The most risky of the two operations will be the liver retrieval which carries a one in 250 risk of death while removing a kidney for live donation leads to death in one in 4,000 cases.

Sarah further said her son’s experience made her realize how important organ donation was and urged other people to register as donors. The liver transplant is scheduled for January 25 and the kidney operation will follow in a few months after both mother and son have fully recovered.

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