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Mom Freaked Out During a ‘New Kids on the Block’ Concert, the Photos Are Hilarious!



Hilarious pictures of a woman completely freaking out after a band member in a concert reached out and held her hand, have people across the internet in laughter especially because of the bewildered look on her face. The Ohio mom by the name Kim Mesteller and her friend, Kristen Watters, have been New Kids on the Block fans since 1986, according to BuzzFeed. Even though they’re no longer over zealous and hyper active teenagers , their love for the ’80s boy band has never faded.

Case in point, at a recent NKOTB concert in Tampa, Florida, the moms stood front and center so they could see the “kids” in all their glory. And when Kristen decided to reach her arm out to Joey McIntyre in the middle of the concert, she basically lost her friggin’ mind when he grabbed her hand in return.

Luckily, Kim was right there to capture the very exciting moment, and even better, her daughter, Kennedy Kocheran, shared the hilarious pictures on Twitter.

“They have been to every concert tour together since the group got back together,” Kennedy told Buzzfeed. Obviously, the photos went viral and the moms were kind of embarrassed about it, according to Kennedy. But not that embarrassed. “They love it and think it’s so funny,” she added.

NKOTB even reached out to Kennedy via Twitter, writing in a tweet, “Tell your mom it was lovely to see her!!!” Swoon.


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