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Mom Poses with 13 Daughters and Reveals the Beautiful Reason Why She Adopted Them.



Most people don’t picture themselves going to Uganda and adopting 13 children but for Katie Davis Majors, there was simply no other option. When Katie was 18, she went to Uganda for what she thought would just be a three week-long mission trip.

She ended up going back to the country to teach, and she met her future husband there. She also received one other thing: 13 beautiful adopted daughters.

In 2008, she founded Amazima Ministries, an organization dedicated to empowering Ugandan communities through the love of Jesus. As a young, single woman, she felt called to adopt children and raise them as her own-13 girls in total. Most people wouldn’t feel the need to adopt 13 children, but for Katie, the adoption process taught her a lot about love.

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As Katie told the TODAY show, “I’m sure there is truth in the stories many tell of that moment they saw their child for the first time and knew instantly that God had ordained him to be theirs, and fell in love. But I think so much more often, the action of love precedes the actual feeling.”

She performed loving acts before the actual feeling came at its full force—and judging from her family, the investment’s paid off tenfold.

Watch the full interview down below!

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