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Mom Tells Son She’s Pregnant After Devastating Miscarriage, His Response Has Us All In Tears.



Suffering a miscarriage is just about the most heartbreaking thing that could happen to any expecting mom. What’s more devastating is that moms aren’t the only ones who experience the pain of a child lost. The whole family goes through a period of grief as they realize the little bundle of joy  they were looking forward to meeting will never make it into their lives. When this little boy found out his mom was pregnant with twins last year, he was overjoyed. He couldn’t wait to hold them in his arms when they arrived, and he was looking forward to all the things he would get to teach them and do with them when they got older.

Unfortunately, his mom suffered a miscarriage in June 2016 and he was absolutely devastated. She said, “We all took it hard, but my son took it especially hard, not able to understand why this was happening when he wanted to be a big brother so badly.”

After a while they decided to try again for another baby. 15 months later, she found out she was pregnant with their Rainbow baby. Knowing just how much her son wanted to be a big brother, she decided to surprise him with a framed sonogram picture. She wrapped up the picture and put it under the Christmas tree and then told him he could open his gift early.

While this mom knew her son would be excited, but she was not prepared for the way he reacted to the big news. His mom said, “His reaction was heartwarming and more than I expected. I couldn’t record anymore at the end. I had to go and sit on the floor with him, and cry together.” “This baby is going to have the best big brother in the world, even with an 11.5 year age gap. I have a feeling they will be the best of friends.” She added and we agree!