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Mom Turns Husband’s Old Shirts Into Adorable Dresses For Her Daughters!



When her husband decided to clean out his closet, one woman saw huge potential in the old shirts he was ready to toss. Stephanie Miller, 27, re-purposes her husband’s dress shirts to make adorable dresses, rompers, and play-clothes for her kids, according to Babble. Once she finishes an outfit, she shares her fashionable creation on Instagram. She hopes her posts inspire both her kids and fellow parents to pursue their creative interests.

Stephanie’s passion for sewing began after the birth of her first child. She was battling postpartum depression when she turned to the activity as an outlet. Her first project was a small stuffed animal. “That little stuffed bird was a sewing mess, but when I was done, I felt so satisfied,” she told Babble. “Sewing helped break my postpartum and honestly made me happy.”

Soon after, she learned how to sew clothing by watching YouTube videos and following seamstresses on Instagram. Now she can make dresses for her daughters in less than an hour and embellish them with ruffles, pockets, fun sleeves, and more.

“I’ve loved transforming men’s dress shirts into dresses for my girls,” she wrote on Instagram. “It is a faster way to finish a project because the buttons and hemming is already done on the shirt. Also, fitting clothes on little kids is so much easier than on myself.”

In addition to saving money on clothing and finding a neat way reuse old items, these projects have brought Stephanie a lot of joy.

“Making and creating is such an important process to me and I believe everyone can create something beautiful in their life that brings deep satisfaction and fulfillment,” she said. “When we take unorganized material into our hands and mold it into something that did not exist before, it invigorates the soul.”


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