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Mom Warns Others After Her Son Gets Severely Burned From Popular Hand-Sanitizer Trick.



The Internet has been buzzing about a hand sanitizer trick (some are referring to it as “fire bending”) that lets people make their hands appear as if they’re on fire. Many children (and adults) are attempting the dangerous stunt where you pour hand sanitizer into into an aluminum foil bowl, then set it on fire. You can then use your fingers to scoop up the burning sanitizer and hold the flame momentarily.

But this trick can go seriously wrong if the fire isn’t blown out fast enough. Eight year old James DiTucci didn’t understand the science behind this video, so he attempted his own version of it with his brother and cousin, by putting sanitizer on his shirt and lighting it on fire. His mom, Tashia Souther-Ditucci, told WCVB that’s when she heard “God-awful, blood-curdling cries and screams.” The stunt left the boy with second-degree burns on 15% of his body and the top layer of skin on his hands is gone.

Now, Tashia is speaking out to try to help parents recognize the dangers that could come from viral videos — especially when the children don’t understand how they work. “You don’t see what happens after they stop that video,” she says. “My son is living proof of what can and will happen when you do things like that.” Doctors are optimistic about James’ recovery and Tashia hopes parents will learn from her son’s story and prevent accidents like this from happening in the future.

On her Facebook page she wrote:
‘Please parents that have kids and watch YouTube Please pay attention to what they are watching… My kids watched a YouTube video of 2 people lighting things on fire with hand sanitizer and see the result. Well just when I thought all the kids were sleeping…they decided to try it. They poured the sanitizer over the shirt that James was wearing and lit it on fire…It went up in flames and burnt him EXTREMELY BAD!! He has 2nd degree burns on his chest, stomach, thighs and the worst…his hands! About 30% of his body is burnt! Please keep praying for my boy …He’s in a lot of pain’


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