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Morrisons Kind Security Guard Goes Viral for Covering a Dog with His Umbrella



Some animals love rain, while others don’t. It is common knowledge that cats loath getting wet. What about dogs? Well, some do not mind playing in the rain, while others do not like being wet at all.

For golden retrievers, it is not easily discernable whether they enjoy being wet or not. But for one golden retriever outside Morrisons Giffnock supermarket, he sure was relieved when he found shelter.


When Ethan Dearman held an umbrella over a golden retriever in Glasgow, Scotland, he had no idea that he would go viral.

You see, the dog had been left outside by the owner as they shopped. However, an unexpected downpour hit before the owner could return to shelter the dog. So Ethan took it upon himself to cover the cute dog with his umbrella.

As he did so, Mel Gracie, a 25-year-old tattoo artist, saw him and captured the moment without Ethan’s knowledge. She posted it online, where it went viral.

There was an overwhelming response, with social media users praising Ethan for his selfless act. Ethan got word that he was trending online. He shared Gracie’s post with a simple caption, “Looks like I made a lot of people happy today.”

The viral post caught the attention of the dog’s owner, David Cherry. He re-tweeted Gracie’s post and thanked Ethan for being kind to his dog Freddie.

Morrisons got wind of their trending employee and shared Gracie’s viral post. The store swiftly moved to make branded umbrellas and announced that there were enough to go round.

The store’s spokeswoman said that since it was going to be a wet week, they have ensured that there are thousands of umbrellas in store to keep shoppers and their dogs dry.

Freddie is safe and happy with his owner and their family. Ethan Goodman is now a star employee at Morrisons, with more people calling for his recognition for the kind act.

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