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Mum Brilliantly Captures a Moment of Pure Love Between Her 2 Sets of Twins.



Mother and photographer Juliet Cannici captured these beautiful moments while welcoming twin girls, Gia and Gemma. Juliet is already mother to a twin son and daughter, Nico and Siena. “Nico and Siena have been so excited for their baby sisters to arrive. They spent months snuggled with mama’s pregnant belly, talking and singing to the unborn babies.

Now that they are here, they are incredibly gentle with them, and love holding and feeding them. It is so amazing to see.” Juliet said. Although Cannici had planned for the shoot to welcome the newborns, it had not gone as originally planned. When the baby girls were eleven days old, Cannici set out to have the photo shoot for both sets of twins together.

The mom rented cute outfits from a children’s clothing boutique and then set up her home studio for a fun photo shoot. “I was so set on capturing Nico and Siena holding the babies in the outfits I had rented,” she said. “But Nico and Siena were SO bored with me, the photos looked terrible. I was disappointed.”

Cannici took Nico and Siena out of the rental clothes and let them play for a little while, when they came back into the studio to take more photos, the mom laid them down and snuggled with their baby sisters.

“They immediately held hands and wrapped the other arm around their baby sisters,” Cannici recalled. “I got them to smile by asking them to ‘act goofy,’ which they recently decided is just a hilarious saying.” That’s when she captured this adorable skin-to-skin bonding photo.

The photo of the two pairs of twins captures a beautiful moment of sibling love. “Several times a day Nico and Siena each say ‘I just love my baby sisters. I will keep them safe forever.'” she said. “I hope when people look at that photo they can see the true joy, To see our babies all together makes me feel such happiness and accomplishment. The joy you see on Nico and Siena’s faces is entirely genuine.”

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