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New Dad Almost Faints When He Sees Ultrasound, Shocked Nurse Reveals It’s 1 In 15 Million Occurrence!



Just a few months after their wedding, Bethani and Tim Webb had their lives completely turned around by a visit to the doctors’. The newly weds were still trying to figure out how they wanted their lives together to roll out,  Bethani revealed to  CBC News that she was willing to start trying for a family right away – but Tim wanted to enjoy their time as newlyweds for a bit instead.

She said, “My husband definitely wanted to wait a year. I was fine with whenever it ended up happening, but then we found out we were very excited, only thinking we were having one…”

When Bethani found out she was pregnant, the couple immediately headed to the doctors’ to get an ultrasound.  After moving the ultrasound wand over her stomach, the tech looked at the couple and announced that they were expecting not one but four identical quadruplets.

Bethany said, “I could not believe it, I was in such shock. Honestly, I thought the ultrasound tech was joking. I couldn’t believe it… It was a good thing that my husband was sitting down because he almost fainted.”

Neither Bethani nor Tim had a history of multiples in their families and seeing as they conceived naturally, it was even rarer. Having four identical girls occurs in one and 13-70 million pregnancies. Fortunately, Bethani’s pregnancy went smoothly and she delivered four identical girls named Abigail, McKayla, Grace, and Emily.

With four new babies to care for at home, Bethani and Tim were fortunate that their neighbors, family members, friends and complete strangers rallied around them to provide a helping hand. Some friends even started a fundraiser and made sure that this young family was well taken care of completely.

Bethani said, “It’s really amazing because there would be no way we could do this by ourselves…I think my husband has gotten used to the idea that there are four babies, but I don’t think he’s gotten used to the idea that there are four identical girls.”